How To Capture Great Portraits With Your iPhone

Capturing someone’s likeness in a photo is not an easy task, let alone one you would think about doing on your iPhone. But that does not mean it’s impossible. In fact, sometimes iPhone photos may turn out even better than photos on many of your other cameras. With the ease of use, advanced technology, and easy to use apps, the iPhone is quickly becoming the first choice by many people. Michael Andrew is a photographer who takes you through capturing great portraits on your iPhone in this tutorial video.


If you don’t know what you’re doing, capturing great portraits may be difficult. Knowing the basics of taking great photos and the limitations of your iPhone’s camera are the first steps to capturing amazing portraits.
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Chase Jarvis on iPhone Photography Advantages

Photographer Chase Jarvis says the best camera is the one that is with you. In the past, you needed a DSLR swinging around your neck to capture all your day-to-day spontaneous photograph ideas, but now an amazing camera fits in your pocket. You have a visual journal that can capture moments and stories that were not possible before.

In this video, Jarvis walks the New York High Line and preaches iPhone photography. He says not to worry about the lower quality parts; the important thing is capturing the moment. He even shows how to create some cool abstract photos and patterns with some creative thinking.

How to Crop iPhone Photos

In this tutorial, learn how to crop iPhone photos without having to purchase an extra app. The steps are simple: open your photo, make sure the image is only showing, and take a screenshot by holding both buttons. The image will then appear in your camera roll.

iPhone Camera Basics: Adjusting Focus

This video gives a basic overview of the iPhone camera. The main thing to get out of this video is learning how to change where the focus is in your photograph. When in camera mode, a small box appears showing you where the camera is focusing. This box typically appears in the center of the screen. Once you press another spot on the screen, the box moves, along with the focus, to the new position. Take a look at the video for more details.

What is iPhone HDR Photography?

The new iPhone iOS 4.1 allows for even greater pictures on your iPhone. By turning on your iPhone’s HDR option, you are now given two results after taking photos: a regular version and an HDR version. To learn more details, watch this video below.