All About the iOS 7 Camera Filters

iOS7 Camera Filters

With the release of Apple’s new iOS 7 there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the improvements made to the native camera app. In addition to new shooting modes and a more intuitive, user-friendly interface, the update has added a selection of instagram-esque filters that can be used in real time (that is, you can see the effects of the filter on-screen as you shoot). Additionally, the filters are non-destructive, so you can change the filter after you’re finished shooting, or just get rid of it altogether.

The new operating system adds 9 filters total: 3 black and white, and 6 color. Here’s a list of the new filters and a brief description of what each does:
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What the iPhone 5S Slow Motion Looks Like

Of the new features available on the recently released iPhone 5S, the overhaul of its camera — both in terms of hardware and software — are arguably making the biggest splash. While the revamped interface, upgraded hardware, and live filters have largely dominated the conversation, there’s another feature that we’re pretty excited about: slow motion video capture.
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Polaroid’s Fotobar Takes Photo Development Into the Digital Age

Polaroid Fotobar

For most modern photographers, darkrooms and photo development shops are a thing of the past. Polaroid is looking to change our habits–well, some of them, anyways–by introducing a new line of digital photo printing shops.

The shops, called Fotobars, will allow people to create artistic pieces with digital photographs stored on their phones and other devices. Visitors can edit photos on a number of bar-top workstations. The Fotobars allow photographers to create and order specialized prints on canvas, metal, acrylic, and other materials.
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Instagram Co-Founder Issues Apology for TOS Changes, Introduces New ‘Mayfair’ Filter

Kevin Stystrom Instagram Terms of Service ApologyInstagram co-founder Kevin Systrom released an apology for the photography company’s new terms of service, which included an addition to its advertising section that many users vocally opposed.

Within a day of the new TOS announcement, users began expressing their concerns that the new section would give Instagram near-complete ownership over its entire library of user-submitted public images, potentially allowing Instagram to absorb some intellectual property rights from millions of photographers.

“Because of the feedback we have heard from you, we are reverting this advertising section to the original version that has been in effect since we launched the service in October 2010,” wrote Systrom in a public post on Instagram’s website.
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How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Instagram FollowersIf you’re famous it’s easy to get a lot of followers on Instagram, but if you’re like the rest of us, it’s a little more difficult. And while some people use Instagram just for interacting with their friends, others find it to be a great tool for promotion of a brand, a way for photographers to reach new fans, or just plain cool to see lots of people thumbs-upping your photos. If you’re looking to get more recognition on Instagram, here are some methods that help get you more followers on one of the coolest social networks out there.
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iPhone Photo Makes the Cover of ‘Time’

iPhone Photo of Hurricane Sandy as Time Cover

If you know anyone who doubts the artistry of a great iPhoneographer, you now have proof that the iPhone is a legitimate tool for photography. Time Magazine, known for its historical photography as covers, has made iPhoneography history by using a picture taken by photojournalist Ben Lowy on his iPhone as one of three covers in rotation for their most current issue. The photo, called “Lessons From the Storm,” was taken using the Hipstamatic app and captures crashing waves from Hurricane Sandy.
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Why Mobile Phones Aren’t Killing Photography [Video]

Photographer Richard Koci Hernandez knows that photography’s changing thanks to mobile phones, but he’s not worried about those changes. However, in a video for CNN, he did show some trepidation towards photographers who would downplay the artistry of photos taken with Instagram and other smartphone apps.

“Recently, I feel that we’ve been losing sight of photography’s power to transcend and have become overly focused on the tools needed to perform the magic.”
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